Few Words, More Images

Last week, I had so much to say that I waited till I had time to say it, and of course that never happened!

This week, I’ve made up a short movie from some of our work for you to view. It is to let you see for yourselves some of the teaching points:

In the Balance exercise (core mechanics) you can see how waiting to say “heels, knees, knees heels” actually lets you slip into holding the position, rather than flowing through it. Experiment with this during the week, and see if you can iron this out.

In the spine workout, I think we need to really work through the various possibilities for movement more clearly, so that we take the movement from the extreme of the arched back to the extreme of the raised head and butt, fluidly, while allowing the sound to flow through the body.

I’ve included extracts of the clips taken by Sandra of the Roy Hart exercise, Cello – Viola – Violin just to remind you what a beautiful sound you made together this morning. We didn’t capture the cellos on film, but the violas and violins are stunning.

Well done All !


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